Here are some of my photoretouching pictures and videos

Dolls faces Other pics



You will find here several easy techniques for beginners to make better looking photos with Adobe Photoshop (CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5) :

Photoshop basics : All you need to know about tools for my tutorials

How to soften skin (part I)

How to soften skin (part II)

Breast, nose, skin and eye color Tutorial : How to correct these parts of body with Photoshop

Romantic Portrait : How to make a romantic effect on a picture

Great photoshop effects : tutorial with text and pictures about some great photoshop effects and techniques that you can use for your pictures

Avatar Tutorial : This tutorial was made to help you to make a Na'vi from the Avatar movie :

How to create a symmetrical face

Doll Face Tutorial : Transform your face in a doll face with this easy tutorial


Add lipgloss

Add false (or natural) eyelashes

How to paint Smokey Eyes : This tutorial explains how to paint smokey eyes on a photo or on a realistic painting.